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In this post, i want to shed light on some admission terms which we all use on a daily basis.

As you all know, this blog is all about giving you the best admission tips for a successful admission process. You can check more posts on this blog for more admission tips you might need or you can contact me if you have any admission issues bothering you.


1. Cut-off mark.
2. Post ume/Screening.
3. One/Two sitting result.
4. Admission list.
5. Original JAMB result.
6. Jamb brochure.
7. JAMB syllabus.
8. JAMB past questions.
9. Change of course/ institution.
10. Direct entry.

Back to the main aim of this post, I am going to list and explain ten admission terms, also you can give us more by using the comment box below.


As a student, you should be familiar with this term and if you are not, i will explain it to you. Cut off mark is the benchmark or let me say boundary at which a student must reach before been offered admission into a university. Cut-off mark is in two sections; JAMB cut off mark and University cut off mark. In the University cut off mark, some states are usually favoured, that is what they call “catchment area”. I have already explain the difference between JAMB cut-off mark and University cut-off mark on this blog, you didn’t read it? Read it here.


After the scraping of POST UME exam, schools have now introduced another system of admission which they call SCREENING. Screening are in two forms; it can be in form of physical interview also it can be in form of grading of results (point system). On this blog, i have explained the questions asked during screening and how to answer them. Also, i have explained things you might need for upcoming screening.


This is common term in admission process. One/two sitting result simply refer to the number of results you are using for your admission application. For one sitting, it is either you use WAEC result,GCE result or NECO result, while for two sitting, it is either you use WAEC and GCE results, GCE and NECO results or WAEC and NECO results.


After all the admission processes, this is always the expectation of all aspirants. The admission list contain names of successful candidates that applied for admission. It is always released in batch, what i mean is that we have “First list” which is also called “Merit list”,”second list” and sometimes “third list”.


This is one thing every candidates that want to apply for admission must possess. This result is different from the ordinary JAMB result that you printed out when your JAMB result was released, the original JAMB result is used for admission processes. How do I get the original JAMB result? Simple, you will have to purchase a scratch card worth #2500 in order to print the original JAMB result.


This is a material that all “jambites (candidates preparing for JAMB exam)”. This material includes the name of courses to study in university and their requirements; requirements like the subject combination for your course and universities that offer those courses.


This is also a material that all “Jambites (candidates preparing for JAMB exam) ” in order to pass the exam easily. This material includes the subjects to do in JAMB exam and the area of concentration for the student to read.


I expect all candidates preparing for JAMB exam to be familiar with JAMB past question. JAMB past question includes all the previous years questions of JAMB exam, this past question helps the candidates to know the way JAMB set their questions.


This is done after the JAMB exam. It is all about changing your course of study or your university for certain reasons like not scoring up to expectation for the course and so on. How do I change my course/institution? Simple, you will have to buy a scratch card which is #2500, after that, you will login to JAMB portal and follow the due process. To make things easier, go to the cybercafe, they will help you change the course/institution.


This is another way to gain admission into the university. This method of admission into the university is only valid for polytechnics student that have finish his/her ND level. If admitted by the University, they enter 200 level immediately without passing through 100 level.

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